Elizabeth Myrick + Associates Consulting, LLC
Management consulting, coaching + insight
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Recent Clients: 

Aspen Institute
Deaconess Community Foundation
The Council on Foundations
NeighborWorks America
Neighborhood Funders Group
The Global Fund for Children
The Kemmerer Family Foundation
What we've been working on:

DC Grantee Knowledge Exchange:  Strategic Planning & Learning, Designer and Presenter, Global Fund for Children, June 2012 

Practicing Philanthropic Leadership: Managing Donor Intent, Risk & Strategy, Curriculum Designer & Facilitator, Council on Foundations

The Influence of Restricted Giving on Public Foundation Strategy:  Interviews & Analysis, Client-commissioned Original Research

Home Work: Strategies to Maximize Place-Based Philanthropy, Moderator & Designer, Plenary Session,  Council on Foundations Family Foundation Conference

Brave New World:  Fundraising in a Down Economy, Presenter,  ECDC National Conference: The Future of African Refugees and Immigrants

10 Ways for Family, Community and Independent Foundations to Consider Diversity and Inclusive Practice, Publication of Council on Foundations

Elizabeth Myrick + Associates helps clients:

  • analyze, choose and implement strategies,
  • collect and synthesize data,
  • tackle organizational, team and individual challenges,
  • identify and measure results.

Elizabeth Myrick + Associates Consulting, LLC infuses a commitment to public service, ingenuity and practical solutions into every project. We have worked in and with statewide, regional and national nonprofits, think tanks, associations and foundations, building teams and helping leaders identify and reach goals.

For over 15 years, founder Elizabeth Myrick has been creating successful programs, leading organizational change and helping nonprofit and philanthropic organizations learn and succeed.

 202 / 368 - 9949
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