For over 20 years, Elizabeth Myrick has created successful programs, led organizational change, and helped nonprofit and philanthropic organizations learn and succeed.

Elizabeth Myrick + Associates helps clients analyze, choose and implement strategies; collect and synthesize data; tackle organizational, board, and team challenges; identify goals and measure  impact.

Based on clients’ unique needs, Elizabeth Myrick + Associates Consulting pulls together a professional team skilled in: 

  • nonprofit and foundation leadership and management,
  • facilitation and focus groups,
  • research and evaluation,
  • program design,
  • strategic communications and development.

Clients benefit from diverse content expertise, networks, and practical insight. Working with statewide, regional and national nonprofits, think tanks, associations and foundations, Elizabeth Myrick + Associates Consulting infuses a commitment to public service, ingenuity, and practical solutions into every project:  we help leaders set and achieve goals.