Elizabeth Myrick + Associates Consulting has served as lead researcher and has partnered with consultants and staff to conduct research, write case studies, perform strategic reviews and developed "how-to" guides.  The following are representative publications:

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PEAK Insights, Winter 2017-18, Issue 13:  Revisit Reporting (Co-edited With Jessica Bearman)

Reporting is often our field’s first (and sometimes only) opportunity to explore the space between what we hoped for and what actually happened. Reviewing and responding to a grant report can be a critical part of an ongoing conversation between a grantmaker and its nonprofit partners. Reporting can be designed and deployed to benefit the shared work of the funder and grantee. Reporting can lead to greater results. The 11 articles making up this issue explore the why, what, and how can we do better when it comes to grant reporting. Articles share both original research and profiles of innovative practice. 


Successful Structures: Rethinking the Role of Grant Management (With Jessica Bearman)

PEAK Grantmaking


Bush Foundation:  Grants Management at the Intersection of Optimism & Impact, a Successful Structures case story  

PEAK Grantmaking


Will This Bold Grantmaker Become the Next Great Social Justice Foundation?

National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy:  Philamplify


Rural Family Economic Success Action Network: A Welcoming Community Grows in Rural Minnesota

Aspen Institute: Community Strategies Group